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Q. When is the best time to visit India?  

A. India is a country that has fluctuating climatic conditions all through the year. From April onwards, it’s scorching all over the country, and India experiences monsoon from the month end of June to September. So the best time to visit India is in winter, from October to March. But summer months provide the opportunity to visit exciting destinations in the Himalayas, which are otherwise inaccessible due to heavy snow.

Q. What is the weather like in India? 

A. India’s weather is quite unpredictable and varies from region to region. But yes, here it’s like cold and dry weather in December till March, after that from April to May India witness the hot climate which varies from state to state. June, July, and August are monsoon months. In contrast, it’s like mixed weather, hot days, cold nights with rainfall ease once more in September, October and November.

Q. Do I need a visa to travel to India? 

A. Yes, Visa is one of the essentials which you should have while traveling to India. Sometimes, it depends on the country visa policy from where you are coming to India that whether they are providing E-visa or not

Q. Do I need to purchase travel insurance before traveling in India?

A. Yes, Travel insurance is the utmost need to be carried by a traveler while traveling. You never know about the illness when it is going to attack. Due to the varying nature, availability, and cost of health care worldwide. It is essential while traveling. The tour manager should have the details of the same.

Q. Is it safe to visit India? 

A. India is a very diverse country in respect of culture and religion. Every tourist enjoys visiting India. India is such a welcoming place, and Indians are so hospitable. Female safety is the main focus in India. Yes, it is safe to visit India, but precautions have to exercise as at any other place in the world.

Q. Is India accessible for travelers with disabilities? 

A. India is accessible for every type of traveler. Here people are very down to earth in helping gestures with the tourists and travelers. Travelers with disabilities will be allowed and supported by many in traveling. Adventure Delight takes pleasure in chalking out an itinerary as per the travelers’ needs and wants, whether with disabilities or not. Please see our Tailor-Made –Tours for the same.

Q. Is tipping customary in India? 

A. Tipping in India is considered a gesture of appreciating the quality of service rendered by service providers. To drivers, waiters, guides, etc., given the low wages, they earned.

Q. Is India safe for LGBTQIA+ travelers? 

A. Though LGBTQIA was legally allowed in 2018 for society to accept. But people here do not consider it a good task or do not consider LGBTQIA+ as a couple.

Q. What is the internet access like in India? 

A. India has very up to the mark Internet access. Apart from this, almost all cafes, restaurants, hotels, and even cabs provide free wifi to their customers. Tourists can also buy their own local SIM card for good coverage, and they must have their phones unlocked before their tour begins. You will need to submit a copy of the passport and Visa to get a local SIM.

Q. Can I use my mobile/cell phone while in India?

A. Yes, of course. You will be able to use your phone but only with the condition of either having a local SIM Card or activated global roaming from the country of your origin.

Q. Are credit cards widely accepted in India? 

A. Yes, all major credit cards work in India, but Master cards and visa cards hold superiority. In most cafes, restaurants, hotels, etc., cards are accepted. However, still, Cash acts as a superior King among the mode of payment, especially while using public transport and visiting villages and remote places out of the metropolitan cities.

Q. What is ATM access like in India? 

A. ATMs are spread all across the country, even in smaller towns too. Here in India, ATM access is up to the mark. It is just that a daily withdrawal limit varies from bank to bank.

Q. What to wear in India?

A. Clothing depends upon the months and state in which you are going. Still, the temperature varies from North to South. You need to pack according to the state and the time of the year.

Q. Can I drink the water in India? 

A. If we talk about having tap water in India. No one should have tap water there in India. One should take only bottled water.

Q. What are the toilets like in India? 

A. In India, squats and Flushable western-style toilets are found. But Squats toilets are more likely to be found in rural areas. Western-style toilets are available in upgrade Markets, Shopping malls, restaurants, and Hotels in Metropolitan cities. It would be best to carry your paper soap or hand sanitizer and paper roll as it is sometimes not provided in Squat style toilets.

Q. Can I book extra nights of hotel accommodation before or after my tour?

A. Yes, depending on availability, on a pro-rata basis. Generally, it is available.

Q. What are must-visit places in India to visit?

A. India offers something to everyone, beautiful virgin beaches of the south to the rugged Himalayas in the North. From Picturesque deserts and Forts in the west to jungle, tribal customs in the east.

Q. How to find the best travel agency in India?

A. Passionate lady solo travelers founded Adventure Delight Tours and Travels. They knows India’s length and breadth through their personal experiences. They make the best possible travel arrangements as per the budget and wishes of any tourists.

Q. How to contact the best travel agency to visit the Taj Mahal?

A. Adventure Delight is one of the best travel agencies to make travel to the Taj Mahal a memorable experience that is also within the budget of any tourist.

Q. What do I need to know when traveling to India?

A. Customs, cultures, religions, food habits, etc. But don’t worry; we provide an escort to take care of and enlightens you throughout the tour.

Q. How can I travel cheap in India?

A. Local transport is the cheapest way to travel to any place in India.

Q. Is India easy to travel around?

A. It is pretty easy to travel around in India with multiple modes of transport available.

Q.Which is the best tour package in India?

A. Golden Triangle Package tour of Agra and Jaipur is one of the best tour packages available in India.

Q. When is the best time to visit India?

A. October to March is the best time to visit India. But if someone likes to trek in the Himalayas, then May-June and September October is the best period.

Q. Is it good enough to take photos everywhere in India?

A. Yes, it is good enough to take pictures everywhere in India. It is desirable to ask for permission if taking a photo of any individual.

Q. Will, I be safe in India?

A. India is relatively safe even for women solo travelers. But some basic precautions have to be taken like in any other country.

Q. What about food? Will my food preferences be considered on my India Tour?

A. India offers food from every continent and can be considered and arranged.