Safety and Security

Awaken To A Different World.
  • Due to the type of itineraries we undertake, which is adventure-oriented, we sometimes take our travelers to far-flung places. At Adventure Delight, we undertake all reasonable preventive measures to mitigate the risk to our travelers.
  • The security and safety of our tourists, tour manager, and ground handling staff is a top priority at Adventure Delight.
  • This page endeavors to enlighten the people who will be traveling with us to provide a close look regarding measures of safety standards that we aspire.
  • No set of rules can foresee all potential situations that may occur. At Adventure Delight, we direct our staff and advise travelers to exercise a balanced approach and make prudent decisions when such problems arise.
  • The staff/vendors are selected because they have shown the aptitude for a sound operational approach and their inclination towards safe travel practices.
  • Many national governments give a regularly updated advice service on safety issues involved with worldwide travel. We advocate that you check your government’s advice for their most up-to-date travel information before departure and guarantee that your travel insurance covers you for all areas of your itinerary.
  • We stoutly suggest using a neck wallet or money belt while traveling for the safe-keeping of your passport, flight tickets, cash, and other valuable items. Many of our hotels have safety vaults, which is the safest way of storing your valuables. While traveling, a lock for securing your belongings is recommended.
  • Your tour leader will go with you on all included activities, and however, during your trip, you’ll have some free time to follow your own interests or unwind and take it easy. While your leader will help you with the available options in a given location, please note that any optional activities you undertake are not part of your Adventure Delight itinerary. Adventure Delight makes no depiction about the safety of the activity or the standard of the operators running them. Please use your good judgment when selecting an activity in your free time. Please also note that your Tour Leader has the authority to amend or cancel any part of the trip itinerary if it’s deemed necessary due to security concerns.



Adventure Delight, the travel company, promoted by two ladies solo travelers who have traveled length and breadth of India, recommends the following precautions while traveling in India.
– Respect local dress codes and customs, perhaps dressing more conservatively than you do at home
– Avoid isolated areas, including beaches, unlit city streets, and village lanes when alone at any time of day
– Avoid traveling alone on public transport, or in taxis or auto-rickshaws, especially at night.

– If you have to use a taxi, get them from the hotel taxi stand.
 – If you’re being collected at the airport by a driver, make sure they have correctly identified themselves before you set off.
-When leaving your compartment on overnight trains (i.e., going to the bathroom), ask a male travel companion to accompany you.