Tailor-Made Adventure

If you would like an Adventure Delight Real Life adventure but prefer to travel with your own private group, our Tailor-Made Adventure can help in terms of pricing and comfort.

For groups of all sizes, we can organize a special departure for any part of India as per the adventures mentioned on our website or can be tailor made as per your comfort and style. Special interests or requirements what so ever can be organized custom made trips within India. Whether it is a wedding arrangement/Attending, Scuba diving, water Sports, trekking in Himalayas, Jeep/Motor Cycle Adventure, Jeep Safari in Desert, visiting Kumbh Mela or conducting Delhi Street Walk in walled city of Delhi. Yes, with the mode of transportation from flights, trains, private vehicle or local transport.

The accommodation can be arranged in beach huts, home stays, one star hotel to resorts and five star hotels. The flexibility is the name of the game.

The food can be arranged as per your wishes whether it is local delicacy of India, continental, Chinese or street food of any region of India.

We can customize the itinerary and activities just for you by giving your trip an enlightening, physical, historical, enriching and adventurous edge.

We only need your aspiration and nod for the same.

Tailor-Made adventures are advisable for:


From cultural and language to volunteer or educational fascination, let Adventure Delight take your students to India where they will find spirituality, culture, customs and great historical exposure.



Myriad colors of India will be appreciated after the exams in autumn or winter holidays. Will get a chance to visit India and immerse in cultural and adventurous experiences. Being tailor made by Adventure Delight team, we can customize trips for student clubs, business schools, study abroad programs, or specialty departments.

Family and Friends:

Let Adventure Delight help you plan your next vacation – whether it’s a tailor-made trip for your family or a special adventure for a group of friends from trekking in the Himalayas, jeep safari in Rajasthan or just relaxing in beaches of Goa or Andaman.


It will boost the employees’ self-esteem, increase employee productivity and retention rate with travel programs and team-building retreats, training sessions in India with exotic locations and more.

Non Profit organization:

Visit Indian partner or take patrons to examine your preservation, enlightening, or charitable efforts first hand.

Professional Associations:

Make good of your lean season and come to India to experience the cultural extravaganza of age old civilization, our festivals, cultural heritage, Yoga or river rafting in Rishikesh, Himachal or Ladakh and trekking in unexplored Himachal will be extremely delightful to you..

White Label: If you are looking for starting a new travel business or already in travel field but looking forward to get bigger?

Let Adventure delight with the ground expertise comes into the picture.

What to expect on tailor-made adventures:

  1. Very customized itinerary according to your inputs. Whether it is a visit to Pangi Valley, Ladakh, Spiti, Kerala, Rajasthan, Goa, or Andaman as per your convenient departure date as per your comfort level, whether it is a backpacking trip experience or luxury, we will strive to make your trip memorable in India.
  2. Personalize Activities and experiences: We at Adventure Delight will arrange your accommodation, transport, meals and include activities as per your taste and inputs provided to us, whether it is trekking high in the mountains, Hot-air Ballooning, Kayaking in Kerala Backwaters, visiting Monasteries in Ladakh and Spiti, cycling, motorcycle safari, Jeep safari or the tour to Buddhist circuit in the Himalayas or Gangetic Plains. We are equipped with all the necessary ingredients to organize such activities for our esteemed patrons. 
  3. The difference between Fixed departures and Tailor-Made Tours: The key differences are elasticity and distinctiveness. On a general group tour, you travel on a set date and circuit with a small group of fellow travelers who you may not know. With a Tailor-Made Experiences tour, you can choose one of our existing programs and set a departure date that suits you instead. You can also ask us to alter a current itinerary or tailor a completely new itinerary just for you. Your private group tour is then exclusively available for your family and friends to join.
  4. Minimum Pax required: To organize a Tailor-Made Experience booking, we only need a minimum of two pax. Still, it is a universal truth that more the merrier. The additional guests that reserve on your private group experience, the less it costs per person.
  • Cost Equation: It is directly proportional to the number of pax traveling with you. The more the pax, the cost will come down, and sometimes it will also depend on the itinerary you choose. As a thumb rule, if you are six, the price will definitely come down compared to our fixed departure itineraries, and if more, it will come down further.
  • Age Factor: The minimum age of travel is five years. Still, it also depends on the destination and activities you wish to incorporate. We don’t have a maximum permissible age, as long as someone is fit and agile.
  • Exclusions: The estimate for Tailor-Made Adventure does not include the cost of:
    1. International Flights: We can provide a separate quote for international Flights.
    2. Visas: If you’re booking a private group tour through Adventure Delight and you’re traveling, we can quote your visa requirements separately. Alternatively, visit your government’s official international travel website for more details about visa requirements.
    3. Medical Travel Insurance: We can also assist with arranging your medical travel insurance.
    4. Free of Charges Spaces:
  1. Time constraint to quote the price: A quote for a pre-designed itinerary will generally take two business days. An estimate for a tailor-made itinerary may take up to 2-3 business days or more, depending on the intricacy of the itinerary and the target destination you’re traveling. 
  1. How to book Tailor-Made Experiences:
  • Inspiration: Hit upon your motivation to travel to particular places in India, which you may get through Hollywood movies, friends already traveled to India, books, documentaries, and nostalgia of your parents. Search the website adventuredelight.com for one of our itineraries. Let us know which one you’re interested in exploring India or if you’re looking for a private departure for one of our existing group trips.
  • Suppose you’d like us to curate a tailor-made itinerary just for you. In that case, we can start from the base, with a few ideas from you as to what you’d like us to take account of, or use one of our suggested itineraries as a beginning. To ensure you a wonderful experience of the country’s highlights and little-known treasures Adventure Delight team will curate the itinerary and make arrangements accordingly.

  • Contact us: Our form is available on our website Adventuredelight.com. Please fill out our online form, giving us a few particulars on what you’d like from your adventure; we will pursue it from there. We’ll call or email you back as soon as possible to chat about your requirements in detail.
  • Itinerary Planning: If you have selected the itinerary already placed on our website Adventuredelight.com. You’ve chosen a private booking of a pre-existing itinerary, and you can just unwind. At the same time, we ensure we can deliver on your desired date to travel. The idea is that you will experience the itinerary as many others have taken pleasure in it before you, but sharing those special moments just between you, your friends. Your family in India will be a lifetime experience.
  • Create your very own tailor-made experience. Hand-picking stays, working out how best to get between each destination, and finding those distinctive experiences. The specialist of Adventure Delight will work with you to plan your trip, To show you the real side of the country that is India, you’re visiting. We can steer you as much or as little as you want, and we will keep incorporating alteration in it with your advice until it’s just ideal as per your wishes. We’ll provide you with a detailed itinerary, inclusions, as well as exclusions and cost so that you can get precise information about what you’re getting.

  • Confirmation: When you are satisfied with the itinerary, pricing, inclusion, and exclusions with your adventure, we will ask for the deposit and commence confirming all of your adventure arrangements. We will keep you posted for your tour of a lifetime at adventure delight as we put all the measures in place. 
  • Ultimate Date of Departure:  We will deliver your final information about your tour three weeks before departure. We will add anything you wish to your package tour.
  • Take pleasure in your Adventure: Adventure Delight will operate your tour in conjunction with local vendors. We will do everything we can to ensure your tour experience is terrific, and you’ll also have the backup of a 24/7 operational support team. Our on-the-ground operative players, group leaders, and guides really are hard to find. Yes, we don’t believe in consuming half-baked cakes.

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12. Type of Group: (friends, family, school group, College group, Incentive group, Corporate, business, social club, NGO or simply explorers of Hidden places in the Himalayas)